Natural Chemical-Free Products for a Healthier Life

Living Green is our line of natural chemical-free products to help you live healthier, heal quicker, and feel better. Remove the toxins from your everyday life and start Living Green.

Everything is made with natural ingredients and made locally in Wakefield, NH


Sun screen $6 

Vinegar of the four thieves bug/tick spray $6 

Chap stick $3

Lotion $7

Lotion bars $5

Shaving cream $9

Facial scrub $5

Sugar scrub $5 

Hand sanitizer $5

Baby diaper stick with zinc $6

Ballet Balm $5 (soar muscles & feet)

Baby power $6

Deodorant $8

Cupcake bath poof $4 (poof scrunch with frosting scented soap)

Ant killer with boric acid $6

Swiffer duster fleece washable refills 2 for $10

Mama cloth's$5 each assorted colors and lengths 

Cloth diapers $15 assorted colors




Tamanu healing salve $6 (great for facial blemishes)

Sunburn relief gel $6

First Aid Salve $6 (apply directly to cuts and scrapes)

Cayenne salve $6 (Great for pain relief, wounds, muscle pain, hemorrhoids)

Arnica salve $6 (bruises, joint & muscle pain)

Chamomile salve $6 (aids sleep, upset tummy)

Plantain bug/sting salve $6 (bug bites, poison ivy, stings)

Comfrey salve$6 (bone, sprain & scar help)

Eczema relief salve $7

Breath easy salve $6 (great for chest colds)

Dandelion Salve $6 (very dry hands, arthritis, muscle aches)

Balsam sap Salve $6 (poison ivy, dry skin)

Living Green is an important precursor to Grieving Green. All of the toxins, prescription drugs and chemicals that we consume all go to the grave with us. Living Green is not just for health, it is for our environment as well.